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Protection efforts against coronavirus


As part of our efforts to better adapt to the new data that has been created due to the pandemic of coronavirus that more or less affects all of us, the "The Ionian View" complex announces the following:

(1) The overall architecture and construction of our complex with the complete independence and autonomy of its apartments, provide the appropriate level of protection regarding the (any) desired isolation of our guests and the avoidance of "overcrowding" with others. band members. Also, the rich and comfortable common areas ensure the correct "social distancing" as defined by the instructions of the official health authorities of Greek and international.

(2) Our business continues something that you have been doing successfully all these years. More specifically, our regular practice is the regular disinfection of the rooms and all the common areas of the complex with certified cleaning agents and disinfectants, friendly to humans and the environment. We repeat this this year on a more frequent basis, always under the guidance of specialists).

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